Since 2011, Marxan has been downloaded 14,222 times by 6,708 users from 4,701 organisations in 184 countries. Members of this community come from over 220 universities, The United Nations, the IUCN, all major conservation NGO's and over 50 government agencies.

Marxan World March2009

Global Density of Marxan users (2009)

Community members can contribute to improving Marxan in the following ways:

An email listserv has been set up for the Marxan community to exchange ideas and help one another.  You can see the full archive HERE, and read more about the listserver HERE.

  • Submit a Case Study - Let other Marxan users know about your Marxan project!  Email your case study to the HERE

Marxan FAQs

Q: How do I create a boundary file?
A: There are a few different methods you can use, some are explained here.

Q: I'm having problems using the clumping functionality in Marxan. What should I do?
A: The primary reasons problems with clumping functionality occur and a method to overcome problems is explained here.

Q: I can't find an efficient Boundary Length Modifier (BLM). What method can I use?
A: There is a method for determining an efficient BLM in Stewart and Possingham (2005). The method is also explained here.

Q: I am having trouble installing Zonae Cogito on my computer. Can you help?
A: Here is a step by step instruction sheet for installing Zonae Cogito.